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Respect My Authorit-ai!

In what way is the Bible authoritative? In that it claims no authority whatsoever for itself, that its witness amounts to letting the Something else be the authority, itself and by its own agency. Therefore we do the Bible a poor honour, and one unwelcome to itself, when we directly identify it with this something […]

Drawing Around The Margins

So while I am not behind in reading Dogmatics, I am behind in blogging Dogmatics. This week however is a “reading week” in college and since Dr. Craig Blomberg is preaching in church on Sunday, I intend to race ahead in college assignment work and slip a few chapters of Barth in while no one […]

Running Hither And Tither

On account of doing a degree and finishing a Masters and maintaining and marriage and working full time in a church plant, I somehow don’t have as much time as I would like for sleep, live Presidential debates, showering or indeed, blogging. But I have made time for Barth and although I must skip a […]

Testing. One. Two…

Reading Barth in the morning over coffee is what I had in mind when I started this. The winter sun rising with catastrophic pinks and shining into my kitchen. My mind humming away on the latest pop-ditty the kids are going mad for. In reality, I have ended up reading Barth at the back of […]