On Resurrecting Zoomatics

My friend Nelly wrote:

I started reading Gilead on zoomtard’s (with all the Karl Barth I can see why he liked it. Really you should keep the Zoommatics thing going. Otherwise I’ll have to read Barth myself and that’s just not on) and Transfarmer’s recommendation.

So I thought I’d re-start Zoomatics. Plus, my wife bought me the new translation of Church Dogmatics, which is far superior to the hard to read very old versions in my college library. So expect more regular, 100-ish word thoughts on Barth as I read along. Maybe someday, this very idiosyncratic journal will be of encouragement to someone else (like Nelly) to read the great old Swiss legend.

Your Correspondent, Rolls away his own stone


  1. Nelly And I says:

    but i still don’t see any zoommatics as yet!

  2. “…my wife bought me the new translation of Church Dogmatics..”


    The whole lot?

    Colour me jealous.

    How are they? My understanding is that it’s not a full new translation but a slight updating. Am I wrong? Is the language different much?

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